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Alpine Series SAN Solutions


The Mass Mountain SAN configured using iSCSI uses traditional SCSI disk I/O protocol but is interfaced by way of IP based copper or optical interface cabling.   An iSCSI initiator driver on a physical or Virtualized Server attaches to an iSCSI configured target volume on the Mass Mountain SAN.  These Virtual disk targets are easily configured via the Storage Management GUI on the Mass Mountain SAN system. iSCSI target volumes are persistent to the initiator Servers and appear as locally attached disk storage even though they are virtualized and redundantly protected inside the SAN. By combining spinning disk and Solid State Disk Technology with Hardware RAID controllers the system I/O outperforms most other competitors. All RAID levels are supported and High Availability redundant protection is standard with the Mass Mountain SAN.  Replication, Failover and Snapshot utilities are included with each system.

Fibre-Channel SAN

Fibre-channel targeted volumes are also configurable with the Mass Mountain Alpine system. All that is necessary is the addition of single or multiple port Fibre-channel 8 or 16GB host adapters that allow the entry onto the fibre-channel SAN topology. The Alpine SAN is a great addition to existing FC SANs because they are easy to configure and they are 1/2th the cost of higher priced competitor’s primary storage boxes.

Network Attached Storage

NAS volumes are also supported under the Mass Mountain SAN system. By adding NAS volumes on the existing infrastructure the Alpine adds another dimension to it’s capabilities.

All three topologies can be configured and operated simultaneously, serving any storage requirements needed by any sized network.

The replication, snapshot and Automated Volume Failover features allow a disaster proof scenario that fits nicely into any “Disaster Recovery” plan.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Dual Alpine SAN systems with Volume Fail-Over will provide a Disaster Recovery Solution that will provide maximum data protection. Even with (2) systems the cost is much less than other manufacturers. This is configuration is absolutely a “No single point of failure” solution.

Configuration Examples

It is super easy to order and configure the Alpine SAN. The Mass Mountain Alpine Series can interface SAS and SATA Enterprise level hard drives as well as using Solid State drives for optimum throughput. The Disk Hybrid options allow the use of Solid State (SSD) read and write caching drives to provide up to 8 times the IOPS using SAS or SATA.

By ordering 2 identical systems you can implement a High Performance Disaster Recovery Failover solution using our built-in Replication and Failover software.

Model MM8000/16

Model MM8000/16 configuration and ordering example. Mass Mountain 16TB SAN. $750./TB
8 Hot Swap 2TB SATA drives, redundant PS, Rack Mount (6) Gb Ethernet Ports.  All Systems include mirrored OS drives and SSD Caching.

Model MM16000/32

Model MM16000/32. Mass Mountain 32TB DSS. $550./TB 16 Hot Swap 2TB SATA drives, redundant PS, Rack Mount (6) Gb Ethernet Ports.  All Systems include mirrored SSD OS drives and SSD caching. 

Model MM24000/48

Model MM24000/48. Mass Mountain 48TB DSS. $450./TB   24 Hot Swap 2TB SATA drives, redundant PS, Rack Mount (6) Gb Ethernet Ports.   All Systems include mirrored SSD OS drives and SSD caching.

Model MM24000/72

Model MM24000/72. Mass Mountain 72TB DSS. $375./TB  48 Hot Swap 1TB SATA drives, redundant PS, Rack Mount (6) Gb Ethernet Ports.  All Systems include mirrored SSD OS drives and SSD Caching.

We can configure our systems to fit into any infrastructure, even into multiple PetaBytes needs.

Examples of available Options

  1. Fibre-Channel Dual Port 8 or 16 Gb HBA.  $ 1,750.00
  2. 10Gbit Dual Port NIC. $ 1250.EA
  3. Hybrid Disk Performance enhancement. 8X increase in overall System IOPS. Includes (2) 120GB-240GB SSD drives for caching. Price: $1,250.00 per system.

On-site service is available in USA and Canada, which includes Software support as well as on-site Silver or Gold level Support. 

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