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iSCSI SAN Network Solutions?

There are many flexible options when it comes to network storage and scale of storage. SAN, or storage area network, is a way to make storage devices available over a network to servers. They appear attached to your machine locally. This can offer full network administrative flexibility and the ability to quickly shift from one server to another. There are currently eight extensions of mapping storage. One method of storage mapping, ISCSI SAN, refers to a consolidated IP-based storage networking that can access information over long distances.

iSCSI SAN Technology Advantages?

ISCSI SAN can run using the existing network infrastructure. This is a huge advantage, as many of the SAN storage methods require special Fibre Channel cabling. In this sense, ISCSI SAN can save a large amount of money for industry standard performance with a fraction of the labor and material cost.

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Customer testimonials:

Mr. Rob Grizzaffi, Technical Support Manager at Excela, Long Island, NY.

I currently manage an IT group that consist of 5 sites all of which have critical data centers. About 8 years ago I was looking for an affordable iSCSI solution to replace my existing fiber channel NAS. I vetted a dozen or so companies before I came across Mass Mountain Storage. I was able to demo their front end system in a test environment prior to purchase. This was something no other vender was offering. After seeing the scalability MMS systems provided, it was a no brainer. We purchase three systems soon after for our Production/DR environment. I’m still running on the same three systems today in one of my sites with almost zero downtime since I installed them. Today, all 5 sites are now running on MMS servers in active-passive iSCSI clusters with nightly replication tasks moving critical data off site in-case of a DR event. MMS support is very responsive, and helpful with NBD service if required. If you are looking for a stable, affordable storage environment to host critical services, you can’t go wrong with Mass Mountain Storage Systems.

Mass Mountain Storage systems are easy to install, configure and use.  Our System Engineers provide expert installation and training, remotely or on-site, anywhere in the world.

Mass Mountain SAN systems virtualize a hardware-based RAID storage array into usable targets, that can be distributed over your physical or virtual servers, resident on your local or remote networks. The targets can be used along with virtual Fibre-channel targets, concurrently, and gives IT personnel complete flexibility to choose how to deploy the storage capacity.

Using the new converged adapter technology resident on the SAN and in your physical servers, you no longer need to have different interfacing adapters. You simply use the proper cabling and choose your topology, IP or FC. The SAN can be configured any way you wish using 10Gb Ethernet or 16Gb Fibre-Channel ports.

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