SAN Storage Solutions using SAS, SATA, and PCIe drives

Why buy Mass Mountain Storage?

The iSCSI Storage Solution. Used in all Storage Tiers including Video Capture?

iSCSI Storage is safe, efficient and economical. Individuals and companies can organize storage into a centralized data center. iSCSI Storage permits multiple hosts to negotiate and exchange SCSI commands by using IP networks. It creates a SAN (storage area network), and interfaces with standard IP protocol that does not require dedicated cabling.  The Mass Mountain SANs can also send data via Fibre-Channel. Companies can rely on Mass Mountain SANs for consolidation of data and during times of disaster by using the Replication and Failover capabilities built into each system.

Benefits & Advantages

  • The IT administrator builds virtual drives and sets up the partitions as targets for storing data.
  • You can increase storage efficiency through the space-saving features while at the same time improving storage performance.
  • A unique High Availability function eliminates a single point of failure and prevents downtime.
  • ZFS based storage lowers costs and increases performance for very large storage requirements in providing easy expansion of the storage pool.
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