SAN Storage Solutions using SAS, SATA, and PCIe drives

Why buy Mass Mountain Storage?

The iSCSI Storage Solution. Used in all Storage Tiers including Video Capture?

iSCSI Storage is safe, efficient and economical. Individuals and companies can organize storage into a centralized data center. iSCSI Storage permits multiple hosts to negotiate and exchange SCSI commands by using IP networks. It creates a SAN (storage area network), and interfaces with standard IP protocol that does not require dedicated cabling.  The Mass Mountain SANs can also send data via Fibre-Channel. Companies can rely on Mass Mountain SANs for consolidation of data and during times of disaster by using the Replication and Failover capabilities built into each system.

Benefits & Advantages

    The management applications have become intelligent, and it uses standard Ethernet equipment. Businesses can benefit from this more controllable system that appears to be connected to the operating system like any disk.

      • The administrator builds virtual drives and sets up the partitions as targets for storing data.
      • The backup services are excellent.
      • They include instant VM recovery, agentless backup technology, 100% recoverability and VHD format storage.
      • You can increase storage efficiency through the space-saving features while at the same time improving storage performance.
      • A unique High Availability function eliminates a single point of failure and prevents downtime.
      • Optional ZFS based storage lowers costs and increases performance for very large storage requirements in providing easy expansion of the storage pool.
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      There are benefits and advantages to this alternative storage method. Details about important ISCSI Storage concepts are below:

      Target and Initiator Topology

      The iSCSI Storage target is a network-connected hard disk storage device. It is located on the SAN.

      The initiator is a piece of driver software that runs on a server enabling the operating system to discover and use the target device located on the SAN.

      Integrity and Confidentiality

      iSCSI Storage operates like a cleartext protocol and provides no cryptographic protection for data that is in motion during SSI transactions.


      Initiators and targets can prove their identity through CHAP protocol. The entire process is automated so that there is little operator intervention once the devices are set up.


      iSCSI Storage deployments can dedicate each target device to physical or virtual server.  The iSCSI initiator on those servers binds the target devices so that they are a persistent target.  When a server is rebooted the virtual target drive is seen and the persistent device is as if it were a local disk.

      Target Software Driver.

      The Mass Mountain SAN uses a piece of driver software called SCST-2.0.  The Target driver is the heart and soul of the SAN operating system.  It’s sole purpose is to provide the process of creating virtual disk targets and then distributing those target devices to dedicated IP I/O ports located in the servers.

      Mass Mountain SANs are an elegant way of providing storage to a few servers or an entire room full of Physical or Virtual Machines.

      There are several unique benefits to using ISCSI storage. The solution is economical and can make almost any industry standard server reliable and high performing. Some of the ways that this storage technique can benefit you are:

      Optimization of Space

      Disk space is optimized through this system. The techniques used to do this are Deduplication and Thin Provisioning. You can keep important data and cut operational expenditures.

      Continuous Availability

      Automatic Failover and High Availability ensure that your data is continuously accessible. The backup systems include Synchronous Mirroring, Asynchronous Replication, CDP and Snapshots.

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