SAN Storage Solutions using SAS, SATA, and PCIe drives

Mass Mountain is an enterprise solution for your storage needs.  We configure the storage using only enterprise level components.  The standard warranty of 3 Years includes overnight parts shipping and 24 hour remote support.

Our pricing for storage can be as low as $ 200./TB.  The Mass Mountain SAN can be configured as an iSCSI SAN, Fibre-Channel SAN, or a Network Atached Storage, NAS system.

Depending on what the storage infrastructure calls for we can install any type of disk drive.  SSD, SATA, SAS, 7200, 10K, 15K RPM or PCIe SSD devices.

Hybrid solutions using SSDs for caching reads and writes, and SAS or SATA hard drives for virtual storage keeps the cost down while still providing high reliability and redundancy.

We specialize in High Availability configurations.  That means hardware and software that has "No single point of failure".  In effect two distinct separate nodes that will allow user machines to access alternate, replicated, failover volumes.  "Zero Downtime"


Why buy Mass Mountain Storage?

Mass Mountain storage systems are the most reliable systems available.  Hardware shouldn't fail but if that happens the technical support from Mass Mountain is available 24 hours every day of the week.

Replacement parts are always expedited and above all, a highly trained technician can be reached immediately to help solve the issue.  No voice mail jail and no off-shore, low level, support personnel to deal with.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is just one of the ways you can use the Mass Mountain storage systems.  You can set up block level iSCSI and Fibre-channel targets and super fast I/O capabilities like Infiniband.  You can even configure NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre-channel volumes, all to run concurrently.

Another great reason to use Mass Mountain Storage is it's total compatibility with all operating systems and the ability to expand the storage simply and inexpensively as your storage needs grow.

Easy Installation & Support

Mass Mountain Storage systems are easy to install, configure and use.  Our System Engineers provide expert installation and training, remotely or on-site, anywhere in the world.

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A Flexible Solution for any IT infrastructure.

Mass Mountain storage system, configured as a iSCSI, FC, or NAS, gives your IT staff the flexibility to dole out storage to as many users as necessary. It fits into any network environment with easy setup using a very intuitive Web GUI management utilities.

Complete protection for your corporate data files.

Because a company’s files and information can be of critical value, it is important to implement storage devices that protect the data as best as possible. With Mass Mountain, a company can specifically configure RAID levels to match the data storage needs and the recommended redundancy and performance needs of the data structures and data bases.

The Mass Mountain SAN can be set up to be used as a network accessible volume or target volumes for backing up your data using any backup software like Veeam or NetBackup.  Futhermore you can replication the vitual volumes to remote locations.  In a Disaster Recovery scenario there are built-in mirroring and replication capabilities that can be used for multi-site data replication.

Using Cloud Storage for data is not a secure way to store data.  By using the Mass Mountain SAN instead, you have very secure, locked down, data vault that can't be accessed by unauthorized personnel,(i.e. - hackers).

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