Why a SAN (Storage Area Network) Could Be Just What Your Business Needs

APRIL 19, 2016

Whether you have a home office or a large business, the issue of advanced data storage solutions is going to rear its head at some point. Storage is not an easy subject. Proper storage requires advanced planning and long-term strategic thinking. Critically important data is at stake, so any decisions you make should not be taken lightly, as any storage failures can be a crippling blow from which some businesses actually never recover.

Before deciding on what storage solution is going to be best for your business, you need to fully evaluate your future needs.  That's where our 40 years of experience in storage architecture comes in.  Depending on your needs we may recommend  SAN (Storage Area Network) or Network Attached Storage systems.  Or,to just expand your current Direct Storage solutions with our RAID technology.

Storage Area Networks

Let’s look at Storage Area Network (SAN). SAN solutions vary depending on the implementation. They can be quite complex to set up initially, usually requiring network planning and additional software. They are ideally designed for more high-end computing needs, with more complex configurations and virtual computing.

The main reason for this complexity is that networks themselves, by their very nature, are usually quite complex. A SAN (storage area network) will need multiple, dedicated IP addresses, many of which go to different switches. Despite this, however, companies often prefer SANs over DAS because they provide better availability, flexibility and performance. SANs also improve storage utilization because they take data from the servers and consolidate it in a single access point where it is then available to any application.

SANs really come into their own when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery. Data can be transferred from one storage device to another within a SAN without the need to interact with a server. They also allow companies to keep their data backed up in remote locations, thanks to the fact that they make use of IP technology and can thus span longer geographical distances.

These are just a few advantages of using a SAN, so it’s not hard to see why most of the money spent worldwide on external disk storage is spent on SAN arrays.

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